EPHOS is a graduate school that focuses on talent, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and excellence.
Our mission is to inspire, guide and develop future leaders of the pharmaceutical industry.



It is a time of great opportunities and unprecedented challenges in the area of biomedicine that demands new perspectives. By doing a Master’s degree in Ephos you will become a professional able to be part of this great change and to contribute with your work to improve people’s health and well‐being.

With an innovative and practical approach, our educational model provides students with the necessary tools to enhance the essential skills in an increasingly complex business environment.

For this we have the best teachers providing specific business and management knowledge for healthcare sector, but also we encourage creativity and critical thinking. We believe in collaborative learning and in methodologies involving discussion, problem solving and project development.

In addition, students discover how exponential technologies are changing the world and they gain the confidence to propose striking and disruptive solutions.

Welcome to EPHOS.


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